At some point or another every guy has wondered what supplements they can take to improve their performance and recovery so that they can continue to gain muscle and strength. This invariably leads to the standard recommendations of creatine, whey protein, etc.

But, what if you’re already using those supplements?

Is there anything else worth considering that can support recovery and promote greater gains in size and strength?

Let’s take a look at a pair of compounds that fly under the radar and may be just what you need to take your mass gains to the max!

Methyl oleate and methyl palmitate are a pair of fatty acid esters that are present in drone milk.

What the hell is drone milk?!

As you might guess, drone milk is a relatively obscure honeybee product that is secreted by the worker honeybees.

Bee products, such as honey or royal jelly, have been used for centuries in traditional healing practices for their therapeutic properties[1]. Honey, for instance, is commonly recommended and used to help combat seasonal allergies. Aside from honey, the next most popular bee product is the propolis, which offers several interesting beneficial effects on human health, including:

Anti-inflammatory activity
Antifungal activity
Antibacterial activity

Until recently, drone milk was relatively under-researched.

It is given to drone larvae and drone honey bees to make them strong -- after all, they do have to provide their sperm to the queen bee to make more bee babies. The consumption of drone milk is also believed to be related to the fertility of drones.

Given these facts, researchers set out to discover if drone milk (or one of its components) possessed anabolic effects. During their studies[2], researchers noted that the two active components of drone milk -- methyl oleate and methyl palmitate -- exerted androgenic effects in animals.

For those of you that want the finer details, rats given drone milk experience an increase in penis growth and a bigger levator ani muscle (the largest muscle on the pelvic floor). FYI, both of these serve as indications of anabolic and androgenic effects of drone milk.

(Molecular structure of DHEA)
Researchers theorize that methyl palmitate and methyl oleate stimulate the production of DHEA in the adrenal glands. DHEA is a “mother” hormone that can be converted into testosterone.

This adds to previous studies from Russia which found that drone brood has an androgenic effect and also stimulates the production of testosterone.[4]

These findings support the historical uses of drone milk where it has been used for the rehabilitation and activation of aged people as well as a tonic for various sexual problems.

In addition to its anabolic potential, there is also evidence to suggest that methyl palmitate may confer neuroprotective benefits, particularly in the case of cerebral ischemia.[3]


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