PEScience Select Smart Mass 3.77lbs


PEScience Select Smart Mass 3.77lbs

Is your mass gainer just a fat gainer?
If you’re reaching for a mass gainer, odds are you’re either a hard-gainer (someone who finds it very difficult to add mass), or you just entered into a bulking phase of your diet. Good news, you chose the right product. Let us start by telling you the problems with the other mass/weight gainers on the market.

The Most Versatile Mass Gainer
40g Premium Whey + Casein Protein
60g Low-Glycemic Carbs
0 Added Fats
Maltodextrin Free
Unbeatable Taste & Texture

Like Select Protein, Select Smart Mass uses the smartest blend around, a combination of both whey and casein protein. The combination delivers both a fast and slow release of amino acids, which has shown to be superior than just whey alone.

Typical weight gainers add fats to their formulas because fats are a great way to hike up calories. But guess don’t need to be paying for added fats. Fats are the easiest thing to add to your diet. Toss in a few tablespoons of olive oil if you are looking to add fat to your diet, but don’t just drink a bunch of empty fat calories for no reason.