Olympus Labs Ep1Logue 60 ct

Olympus Labs

Olympus Labs Ep1Logue 60 ct

Everyone wants to get lean, but nobody wants to lose their GAINS while doing so.

On the quest for aesthetics we have to work to hold on to that lean mass that we worked so hard to create. Luckily, Olympus Labs formulated EP1LOGUE perfectly for that. Not only does it increase fat oxidation, but it also kickstarts muscle protein synthesis and endurance/power output, which is perfect for maintaining if not increasing muscle mass during fat loss periods!

EP1LOGUE is a 100% NATURAL muscle builder and cutting agent that focuses on a small but essential group of scientifically backed ingredients. We focus on powerful but plant-based ingredients that work together to help you lean down but hold onto and enhance your current muscle mass. Furthermore we take it a step further and include our PhytoFUSE technology which is proven to increase absorption of the epicatechin in EP1LOGUE!

Promotes protein synthesis and lean muscle growth
Increases strength
Improves post-workout muscle recovery
Boosts blood flow for bigger pumps
Fosters anti-catabolic activity
Reduces muscle fatigue