New Re-Born Hair Vitamins Health and Beauty 60 caps

Health & Beauty

New Re-Born Hair Vitamins Health and Beauty 60 caps

Hair Care

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth
Thickens Hair Naturally!*
New Re-Born was formulated for both men and women to support and promote the growth of longer, thicker, and healthier hair while promoting a healthy scalp.

Aids hair that is: Thinning, Falling out, Balding.
New Re-Born provides a blend of essential nutrients to promote healthy hair growth, and also assist in the prevention of peroxidation of oil formation on the scalp. These oils can clog pores and effect the health and development of hair follicles.

New Re-Born delivers 500 mcg of Biotin, an essential hair growth nutrient. Vitamin C and L-Cysteine are provided to restrict excessive hair loss and breakage. PABA is added to help retard hair loss and even reverse premature graying. B-Complex is included to help aid in the reduction of stressful hair loss