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Health & Beauty Healthy Glo 

Multi Vitamin & Mineral Formula for Healthy Hair Growth
Aids hair that is: Dull, Dry, Brittle, Slow Growing.
Healthy Glo provides a blend of essential nutrients to not only promote healthy hair growth, but also assists in adding shine, and healthier looking texture to the hair. Can also be used for dry skin

UNHEALTHY LOOKING HAIR: Symptoms of unhealthy hair are: dullness, dryness, hair breakage, brittleness, slowed or altered hair growth. Unhealthy hair feels dry, brittle and straw-like at the ends. It is dull, and may be flyaway with many split ends. It may also look bushy and frizzy. There are many reasons why ones hair can become unhealthy. The most common reason is poor nutrition. A diet high in sugar, salt, and animal fat are all bad for the hair because they create additional stress on the body, resulting in a greater need for nutrients, especially the B vitamins. Without essential oils from vitamins A, D, E, and fatty acids, the hair can become dry, dull, with split ends. Woman, especially are affected with unhealthy hair. Oral contraceptives and pregnancy can rob our hair of its nutrients along with the wind and sun. Blow drying, hair sprays, mousse, hot curling iron, coloring, and hair perms can also affect our hair.

The Ultimate formulation for healthy looking, lustrous, long, silky hair that shines
Enriched with vitamin A, D, E, fatty acids, and lecithin. Essential oils needed for natural glowing hair
Fortified with 300 mg vitamin C for hair collagen and elasticity necessary for strong, bounce-back hair
Healthy Glo has a nutrient formulation designed just for the health of your hair