Blackstone Labs Halo Elite 90 tabs

Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs Halo Elite 90 tabs

Blackstone Labs has finally done it. They are re-releasing the ever-so-popular Halo Elite. This new product is the first ever supplements in the sports nutrition industry to use phytoandrogen, which is a plant androgen, but sold at an ethical dose!


This is a special substance that is produced by plants. What makes it unique is that is has similar effects in the human body that testosterone gives. While an androgen can be natural or synthetic, this phytoandrogen is all natural from plants and will help with strength and size. It comes from the plant, Eucommia ulmoides.


Eucommia ulmoides in Halo Elite is different because it is the first to have male hormone-like effects in the body that interact with the androgen receptor. Isoflavonoids had female like effects, which are nearly as effective. With this new Blackstone Labs Halo Elite, they used a proprietary blend of 100:1 extract of Andro 100. This will make it the most effective one on the market today.

•All Natural Formula
•Can be used by women and men
•Aids in building size and strength
•Aids in boosting test
•Plant Androgen 

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