EPG Arimestage PCT 50 60 caps.


EPG Arimestage PCT 50 now combines 100mg (per day) of Epiandrosterone with Androst to give users lean muscle mass, stamina and overall strength.

Epiandrosterone, found naturally occurring in pine pollen, structurally is very similar to Androsterone, and, at the proper dose, should produce similar results. Epiandrosterone, when ingested and processed by the body, is extremely Androgenic, so increases in strength, muscle mass and intensity should be expected by users. Combining with the tried and true estrogen inhibitor and natural testosterone booster blends that made Stage 5 so popular, truly makes Arimestage PCT 50 a more powerful and effective departure from the well-known Arimestage 5. As a standalone, bridge or PCT, Arimestage PCT 50 will without a doubt out perform Arimestage 5 and or any other PCT/Bridge supplement on the market!

The Importance of Boosting Testosterone Levels:
There are few herbal ingredients that boost testosterone while simultaneously inhibiting estrogen levels. Extreme Products Group knew just where to turn when choosing an ingredient that accomplishes both: Bulbine Natalensis. Bulbine can boost testosterone levels while lowering estrogen levels. This in combination with other herbal testosterone builders truly sets Arimestage PCT 50 apart from other post cycle therapies.

Do You Really Need a Post Cycle Therapy?
After completing any cycle, testosterone levels in the body are significantly higher than usual. As a result, the human body naturally creates more estrogen to balance out the body’s hormone levels. This is where a good post cycle therapy comes into play. Androst 3,5-dien-7, 17-dione is one of the most effective estrogen inhibitors used in post cycle therapy supplements. This combined with the delivery system built into.

Arimestage PCT 50 makes it an incredibly effective product for users looking to block and inhibit estrogen levels.
Bridge your cycle, Build your muscle, keep your gains!!!
- Strength Gains
- Muscle Density
- Muscle Definition